WS2812 RGB Addressable LED with Arduino

Hello Everyone,

This is the 20 minutes fun project of today.
WS2812 is the most interesting LED IC on the market. It is including an addressing IC and RGB LEDs in  5mmx5mm package.
The IC is accepting 24 bit (16 million) color codes.

You dont need any extra LED driver or addressing module except  an Arduino to drive it.
The magic part is the rock solid addressing penis enlargement secrets system. You can connect few hundred WS2811 on same line and control the each pixel separately with their own address.

This is the WS2812 LED strip control library for Arduino.

The sample code working flawlessly 🙂

If you want to make a color changing night light or something like that. This is your hero. Just connect and forget other driving problems.

Have an nice weekend