Time Lapse Pan Motor (Kitchen Timer)



I’m using TimeLapse software on my IPhone and designed a pan system today.

I used Tesco Kitchen Timer from Kipa mall. It is turning 360 degree for 1 hours period.
The timer was 2.5 USD here. And I removed the clock easily. Just pull the top of the egg, then remove the bottom and remove the screw that’s all.
I designed a base plate with 1/4 inch Payday Loans standard tripod thread to putting it on any tripod. And camera holder part designed for IPhone 4/4S. If you want to use it with Iphone 5 (1-2 mm thinner), you need 1-2mm paper as spacer. Or use sponge or something like that.
It is working like a clock, because it is a clock 🙂
I shared my design on Thingiverse.

You can download the STL files from there


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