FLIR Lepton Thermal Camera with RaspberryPi

FLIR’s new Lepton camera is a revolution for Hobby market and DIYers.
It’s cheap (less than 200$),
Simple (SPI and I2C only),
And still enough resolution for daily applications (80×60 pixels)

I bought my flir module and breakout board from Sparkfun. Sparkfun price is overrated (~350$) but still in the range for fast shipping.

So, First I tested it with an Arduino but bad news, Arduino boards not enough RAM for image data.
You need 9600 bytes space for each frame and also I2C and SPI speed is limited.

Then I tried my Raspberry Pi board.
The sample application is well designed and working flawlessly under X-window interface.

Adding some new features are relatively easy than microcontroller based solutions.


I’m going to design an analogue thermal camera for drones with FLIR Lepton module,
So, I need small and plug and play solution.
I’m working on Raspberry Pi Compute Module in these days but then I will test an FPGA solution for Lepton.
FPGA based design works fast, no need any boot time and also really small.

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